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Top Things
to Do in Prague

Text and Photo by Lily C. Fen

A brisk chill is in the air and the trees have transformed into resplendent shades of gold and vermillion—it’s the perfect time to head to Prague, often touted as the most beautiful city in Europe. Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive walking tour of this Central European destination and its cobble stoned city streets.

The Guinness Book of World Records cites Prague Castle as the largest castle complex in the world. With its massive grounds, a traveler could spend an entire day seeing it all. We recommend the three-hour tour: allowing you to see the grandeur of St. Vitus Cathedral, charming Golden Lane, and Vladislav Hall. All of it will make you feel as if you are on the set of a classical movie—Prague Castle has actually starred in dozens of Hollywood flicks, sometimes pretending to be parts of the Kremlin, among other venues. 

Get a feel for local life as you walk through the long stretch that is Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí in Czech). Start from the top where the National Museum (Národní muzeum) is located and work your way down. From the bottom of the square, try taking Na Můstku towards Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí).

Somewhere along the way, have a taste of trdelník, a Czech pastry that looks like a tiny chimney made of soft dough and cinnamon sugar. Share it with a friend. New versions include a dollop of ice cream in the middle of its doughy center, making it an overloaded delight of sweets and goodness.

Walking through the cobble stoned streets of Prague will leave you feeling as if you have been transported back to centuries past, particularly amongst golden leaves and the mist that sweeps over the streets during autumn dusk. On the way to Old Town Square, have a peak at The Estates Theater, Stavovské divadlo—where Mozart premiered his opera, Don Giovanni. The city’s diminutive lanes and tall street lamps lend Prague the spirit of a world that transports you back in time. History comes alive here.

The Jan Hus sculpture is a prominent structure at the heart of Old Town. An enclave of trees in the busy square belies the fact that it was a spot bombed during WWII. Wait for the astronomical clock’s moving figures to start revolving in a mechanical show about time and the Apostles, all the while keeping a tight hand on your belongings in this area.

Head down the famed Pařížská Street as you head out of Old Town. It is dubbed the “most expensive street” in Prague, owing to its line-up of luxury stores. The Jewish Ghetto is located here, where a crowded graveyard leaves an air of moroseness for those interested in this part of history.

We’ve taken you on a long walk through Prague, much more than most Filipinos will walk in hot and humid Manila. You can pause and grab a bite to eat. Or call it a day and continue on the rest of this tour tomorrow. 

Otherwise, if you’re feeling ready for more, stroll down Vltava River to gaze at swans, Prague Castle, and St. Vitus Cathedral towering in the distance. Walk across Karlův most—Charles Bridge—an incredible feat of engineering begun as far back as 1357, during the time of emperor Charles IV.

After such a grand day of rambling through Prague, taking snapping shots and seeing the sights, do watch out for our tidbits on how to wine and dine your way through Prague amidst the autumn chill.  

When you feel it is time, take your leave of Prague and have a last look at its breathtaking architecture and meandering river. Prague never fails to amaze me, a city steeped in history and Old World charm.

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About the Author:

Lily C. Fen writes Filipino fantasy fiction and features on travel, migration, and motherhood. She edited two award-winning Fil-Swiss books and is working on her first novel. She resides in Switzerland.

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