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7 Tips To Enjoy Paris On A Budget
Written By: April Bitar

In this age that everything is expensive especially because of inflation, traveling has become a lot more of a luxury and only for the rich. But what if I tell you that traveling is a necessity? Traveling is a good way of cleansing your mind from the stress of daily life and it replenishes your inner strength. Most Filipinos I spoke with, when we touch the topic of traveling, they always say they love it. They would love to visit France and other parts of Europe. But the problem is, the expenses. They worry that they would spend their life savings. The truth is no, you don't have to spend your life savings to travel because there are many many travel options now that can be right on your budget.

Here are the tips:

  1. Avoid traveling in busy seasons like Summer and Christmas seasons. Airline tickets are usually overpriced at these times and hotels are usually fully-booked. So, I recommend you to travel during transition seasons like Winter to Spring. So that's sometime in February to March. Also September to October is good because school has just started so there are less tourists. Some hotels, airlines and even trains have promos too!

       2. Do not book a hotel with breakfast. This is simply because there are a lot of Boulangeries or bake shop in the city and you can experience the real Parisian lifestyle during your vacation

         3. Skip Uber or Public Transportation and Walk! Yes, walk. This may sound crazy to my fellow Filipinos because we neither walk in Metro Manila nor in the province. But, one thing you have to understand is that Paris is beautiful, safe and a pedestrian-friendly city. Also, because it is not that big. All the touristic places are connected. When you walk, you can explore more and even discover awesome things along the way. Traveling is not about luxury, it is about the experience and no other way to experience the culture and beauty than walking. Plus it makes you fit and healthy!

         4. No need to order bottled water, restaurants freely give tap water. Water in France is potable. Regardless of how fancy a restaurant is, they always provide a carafe or a glass of tap water. So, don't be shy and just say “ de l'eau s'il vous plaît” (water please)

     5. Book an Apart-Hotel or Airbnb that has a kitchenette. Many Apartment Hotels or Airbnbs have kitchenette nowadays. So make sure you consider this option when you plan your travel. This is one of the best ways to save money because restaurants in Paris are expensive; especially those that are located in the city center. So having a kitchenette in your,apart-hotel/airbnb you have the option to cook. Groceries,are usually available around the corner. You can either decide to eat at the restaurant for lunch, then you will cook for dinner or other way around. Believe me, you will certainly look for rice after 3 days in Paris anyway :)

       6. Shop only items on Sale. One of the main activities in Paris is of course SHOPPING. However, we always have this image that shopping in Paris is about buying Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The good news is Sale is common in Paris and I am talking about up until 70% off. The biggest sale seasons are in January to early February (Winter Sale) and in June to July (Summer Sale). That's when all shops are on sale. It's mandatory. There are also mini sale for selected shops but could be up to 40% off in Autumn and Spring.

        7. Visit Museums and Palaces for free. Museums like Louvre and palaces like Versailles are free every First Sunday of the month from November to March. So, consider this as well before booking your trip.

Hope these tips will help you move forward and pursue your dream vacation.

Regardless of your travel budget, I am sure you will still look fabulous in your pictures.

Of course this amazing dream vacation would only be possible if you obtain Schengen Visa.

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