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Beer Trivia for your Czech Trip


Did you know that the word “pilsen” comes from a town in the Czech Republic called Plzeň? The Czech Republic has the highest rate of consumption of beer per capita in the entire world (higher figures than Germany). Beer was treated with reverence in Central Europe just as much as the Italians or French fancied their wine. Czechs love their beer as an ice-cold draft, straight from the keg. Did yothat the notion of putting ice in one’s glass of beer is considered a huge no-no among Czechs? Now you know how to drink your beer like a local. Whether it’s a rich-tasting Bernard or a mild-flavored glass of Gambrinus you’re drinking, beer is the Czech drink to have on hand. It is affordable and can be nursed for a length of time. You know you’re enjoying Prague when you’re steeped in its blazing night-life, drowning in amber ales at countless pubs, ambling by the Vltava River afterwards. So indulge in a tall glass of this brewed gold when you are in town.


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