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Our Five Fave Reasons to Favor FAVE

The Best Reasons Why Clients Choose Fave Visa Consultancy
Created by L. C. Fen & April Bitar

If you’re wondering which company to entrust your visa application to, look no further. Fave Visa Consultancy is equipped with legal expertise across continents, with extensive knowledge in handling immigration issues from Singapore, Paris to Manila.

FAVE has both the experience as well as the heart to champion each visa applicant, whether it’s dealing with embassies or companies.

At FAVE, we believe that having the right type of visa is crucial for a successful visa application. We are driven by an inspirational mindset, aiming to make a meaningful impact through our services.

We are a passionate and professional visa consultancy, specializing in Schengen Visas and Long-Stay Visas for France. Our mission is to provide excellent and accurate visa assistance.

Reasons Why Fave Visa Consultancy is the Winning Choice

1. Presyong Pinoy
FAVE offers reasonable rates that allow Filipinos wiggle room when approaching the visa process. Our friendly fees allow applicants financial padding for the rest of their dream ventures. You can expect time and cost-saving solutions with us, such as an initial consultation, free of charge, giving you a glimpse of our work ethic. This allows you to decide independently if you wish to hire our services.

2. 100% Success Rate Fave Visa Consultancy is Results-Oriented and can boast of a high success rate. FAVE members of staff are committed to delivering excellent results and ensuring that a client’s visa application process proves successful. With us, you will receive professional advice from visa experts that will help you strengthen and prepare for your application.

3. Expertise and Knowledge Our team consists of professionals knowledgable in both French and Immigration Law, enabling us to offer comprehensive guidance and assistance. With seasoned personnel versed in migration matters, you can rely on us to navigate the complexities of the process and advocate for you. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap in relevant laws and procedures to bring qualified foreign employees to French employers.

4. Customized & Personalized Support Each client is unique, and at FAVE, we treat each one as highly-favored individuals. We stand with you throughout your journey, providing personalized advice and support. We review your documents to ensure completeness. We assist you in verifying the validity of your documents and approach each application with due diligence.

We give you a comprehensive assessment of your profile and guide you through the visa application process, step-by-step.
5. Fave Visa Consultancy Champions you Your success is our success!
We are invested in each and every one of our clients. We say at FAVE that “Our clients’ success is ours too.”

We even provide initial Visa Consultations for free, so this gives each client a choice to select our assistance or do everything themselves. We do not force anything on anyone. We want our clients to trust us fully in order for us to give our best.

All Things Are Possible French Até Ventures aims to bridge the gap between the Philippines, France, and the rest of Europe. We do this by offering administrative support as you go through the process of obtaining visas.

We are here to help you embark on this new venture and make the seemingly impossible possible.
Feel free to contact us at any time for further assistance or to discuss your visa requirements. Secure your Schengen Visa, with FAVE Assist ready to share Visa tips for Filipinos.

All your travel and work abroad dreams can come true. All things are possible once you obtain a Schengen Visa. Contact us and Book your FREE consultation today.

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