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An Italian Journey

Text & Photos by Lily C. Fen

Now that the weather is shaping up in Europe, what better time to hit sunny Italy and visit everything from the grand Colosseum in Rome to the fashion district of Milan?
FAVE shows you what’s not to miss for a few weeks living la dolce vita in this lovely country, where the locals know how to wine and dine and live the good life.

Rome, Italy

Your trip to Italy would be incomplete without Rome, so fly in to see and breathe in the ancient Colosseum. Walk through the massive expanse of the Vatican.
Tip: show up early for the line to the Vatican Museum. It tops every visitor’s list and will have you waiting in long lines to get in. Save some energy for Michelangelo’s frescoes at the Sistine Chapel—there’s plenty to see at this grand museum with endless hallways of incredible art. Have a brief look at the sculptures and paintings and set aside plenty of time for the Sistine Chapel.

Do follow a more demure dress code. Some places, such as St. Peter’s Basilica, won’t allow the under-dressed access in Rome, so wear clothing that covers the shoulders and knees. Out of a city of 900 churches, St. Peter’s boasts up to 20,000 visitors on busy days. The nuns here sell “emergency scarves” for those in skimpy summer clothing.
Visit the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth) and try your hand at the lie-detecting legend. They say that if you put your hand in and are not truthful, the mouth will close on you and take your hand off. Another source says that priests kept the legend alive by installing real scorpions into the stone’s opening. I took the test (with heart racing) and survived.
When you’ve had your fill of Rome, a three-hour long train ride from Roma Termini can take you northwest to Milano Centrale Railway Station.

Milan, Italy

When here, visit one of the oldest shopping arcades in the world, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II—everything from Dolce & Gabbana to Prada and Versace can be found in these marbled hallways. The Galleria connects two of the most famous sights of Milan: the Duomo Cathedral and the famous 18th century opera house called Teatro Alla Scala. We stepped into the opera house’s museum to find out more about Milan’s theater history and gazed at the pink Candoglia marble of the Duomo.

Waltz into the Castelo Sforzesco on another hot day. Its fortifications were designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Do make reservations ahead of time to see da Vinci’s Il Cenacolo, or The Last Supper, which is available for viewing at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Cap off your last evening by visiting Naviglio Grande, a series of Milanese canals replete with nightlife. We thought this was the perfect place to soak in Italy after sunset—we sipped on and enjoyed copious amounts of the Italian aperitivo and enjoyed the local vibe.

In less than two hours, a train from Milano can take you east to the town of Verona, where you’ll add a bit of culture and fairytale into the mix.

Verona, Italy

Two of Shakespeare’s works are set in the town of Verona: the famed Romeo and Juliet and The Two Gentlemen of Verona. This village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architecture and city structure. Visit the magnificent Verona Arena that dates back to the Roman Empire and don’t miss the 12th century Romanesque churches, Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore and the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Take the Romeo & Juliet Walking Tour and have a peek at the place from which the tale may have originated, including Juliet’s Balcony (at Casa di Giulietta) and Casa di Romeo. Other musts are Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza Bra, Museo di Castelvecchio and Sentro Storico.

Verona sets the bar high for ultimate romance, with brazen sun washing over piazzas, and quaint nooks and crannies in this Italian town. Have a sip of Veronese wine, such as those that thrive on the vineyards that flank Lake Garda, Amarone or Recioto are favorites.
Verona is right next to Lago di Garda, one of our favorite freshwater destinations, around a lake so wide, you might thing it was the sea.

Lago di Garda, Italy

Welcome to this huge expanse of lake where you can go swimming, fishing, yachting, or sunbathing.

Visit the Castle of Malcesine and head up to the specola. Situated at the top of the 30 meter high keep, gaze at panoramic views of Lake Garda. Situated at the top of the 30 meter high keep, gaze at panoramic views of Lake Garda.
Come visit the Museum of Natural History of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. Newly renovated in 2008, it offered an entertaining, immersive experience that catered to all the senses. Drop by Casa di Goethe, where the famous writer himself resided for two years, penning his travelogue, Italian Journey.

Sample hearty helpings of homemade tiramisu and local cappuccino, straight from the hands that inspired the world to love Italian cuisine. Try some artisanal gelato, as we did— ice cream made with a touch of love from family recipes. Have an Aperol Spritz and set it against the afternoon light. Eat well here and swim off the heaviness in Lago di Garda’s refreshing waters. Before you leave, pick up some locally made lemon-flavored olive oil.
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